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White snow, black ice, barely any red on the thermometer


Ever heard the saying "If you don't like the weather now, wait a few minutes and it'll change"?

Wouldn't that be nice.

No, here in Minnesota that change thing is not happening until the new year is at least a couple of days old. Here's how one forecaster put it to the Star Tribune: “It’s just been one chunk of cold arctic air after another after another.”

The National Weather Service says if you're in southern Minnesota, a wind chill advisory applies to you until noon Tuesday. Those winds may bring chills in the 30s below zero. If you're north of a line from Alexandria through Mora, you're not being advised. You're being warned. 40s below for you.

As the Duluth News Tribune reports, the air temperature alone may reach -40 in the Northland, as it did in Embarrass on Monday morning. The Twin Ports may not see zero again until Friday.

In the Twin Cities, the outlook shows highs a little below zero on Tuesday and a little above zero Wednesday and Thursday.

Northland's News Center says rapidly-forming ice on Lake Superior could put an early chokehold on the Great Lakes shipping season, which schedulers thought would continue until mid-January.

The cold doesn't help transportation on land, either. MPR's Updraft blog notes that road salt loses its mojo when temperatures are this low. And when the ice is covered by an inch or two of fluffy new snow – as it was on Monday – it makes for especially slippery conditions under foot and tire.

Speaking of especially slippery, the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead relays the North Dakota Transportation Department's advisory about black ice. It forms when moisture from vehicle exhaust freezes into a nearly invisible sheen.

FOX 9 reports the Minnesota State Patrol responded to more than 300 accidents after 9 a.m. Monday.

Remarkably enough, the total does not include a vehicle that made a 360-degree spin on Highway 100 in the Twin Cities. The driver sent the dash-cam video to FOX and uploaded it to YouTube.

Don't try it at home. Just dress warmly and wait ... patiently ... for the weather to change.

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