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Who is putting out tainted dog treats? Reward for information quadruples


Authorities still aren't sure who may be spreading tainted dog treats in Lakeville – and a reward leading to the arrest of the person (or people) responsible has quadrupled.

It started as a $500 reward offered by the Lakeville Public Safety Foundation has grown to $2,000, Sun This Week reported.

Outraged residents contacted the Lakeville Public Safety Foundation after dog treats filled with sharp objects and poison began turning up in people's yards last month. Several dogs had to be hospitalized and police are investigating whether a dog's anti-freeze poisoning death is related to the tainted treats.

Lt. Jason Polinski of the Lakeville Police Department told Sun This Week this case is difficult because they are uncertain when the materials were planted in pet owners' yards.

Two people of interest have been interviewed, but no arrests have been made, Sun This Week notes.

A dog in Bloomington, about 15 miles north of Lakeville, was recently harmed after eating glass, FOX 9 reports. The dog had to undergo emergency surgery, where a veterinarian removed chunks of glass from the dog's stomach.

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The pet's owner believes someone intentionally tried to hurt the pooch after throwing a tainted treat into their yard.

Police have not said if this incident is connected to the cases in Lakeville, FOX 9 adds.

Veterinary Pet Insurance says pets ingesting foreign objects is one of the most common claims – in 2007, VPI policyholders filed more than $3.2 million in these types of claims for dogs and cats.

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