Who killed Daisy? Family wants answers in dog's shooting death

The dog was shot in her own front yard.

The search is on for the person who shot and killed a white lab named Daisy right outside her home in Zimmerman last week.

In an post on Facebook, owner Nick Stay says his dog was in the family's yard when the shots came. She ended up dying on the way to the vet a couple days later, and now her story is spreading on social media. It also caught the attention of WCCO, which aired a TV segment Wednesday night.


The family didn't even know she'd been shot, at first. WCCO says the dog was "lethargic" after the shooting, and it was only when the vet examined her body that the Stays finally learned the truth. The dog had suffered two bullet wounds.

Stay initially put up a $500 reward for information on the shooting – now it's up to at least $2,000 thanks to friends and Facebook commenters, according to the TV report.

He's asking for anyone who might know something to contact him, or the Sherburne County Sheriff's Office.

Not the first dog attack in Minnesota

Daisy's death comes after a couple of other apparent attacks on dogs in the state.

Just last week, a St. Paul neighborhood was struck again by a serial dog poisoner, when multiple dog owners found pieces of poisoned bread in their yards. The same thing happened in the area the previous summer; unfortunately, the poisoner managed to sicken at least eight dogs that time – some of them did not survive.

Police don't have any suspects in those incidents yet, and want anyone with information to call them.

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