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Who said American Girl dolls need to be girls? Meet Logan

He's American Girl's first-ever boy doll.

The name American Girl might imply that the dolls they make are ... well, American girls. But the newest edition to the lineup of children's dolls proves otherwise.

Meet Logan Everett. Yes, he's a boy American Girl doll – in fact, he's the 30-year-old company's first ever 18-inch boy character.

Logan was released Thursday alongside Tenney Grant – she's a "rising star in the Nashville music scene." Logan is her drummer.

"A boy character has been a top request from our fans for decades," American Girl spokesperson Julie Parks told CNN.

So far, the reviews have been pretty mixed.

Some people are super excited, saying it's about time there be a boy doll.

Other's aren't impressed.

There are some pretty funny criticisms of the doll – many poke fun at how he looks like a flirty hipster who would most likely ghost you.

If you didn't think that before, take another look at Logan. He totally looks like that, doesn't he?

The Huffington Post has an article called Twitter Thinks American Girl’s New Boy Doll Looks Like A Hipster Who Will Ghost You, and it has some pretty funny tweets in there.

American Girl has other new girl dolls this year. You can check out the rest of the 2017 lineup here.

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