Whoa, let's back up on that $1.85M for Jesse Ventura, court says

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Jesse Ventura may not be getting that $1.85 million for defamation after all.

You can read Monday's ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals (or Fox News' write-up) for the specifics if you want. But long story short, the Ventura-Kyle court stuff isn't ending anytime soon because one of the arguments that netted him the award "fails as a matter of law," the ruling says.

Here's the brief rundown:

The former governor claimed Chris Kyle, the late Navy SEAL sniper, made up a story about a bar incident in his book "American Sniper." So he sued Kyle's estate (Chris Kyle was shot and killed at a gun range in 2013) for defamation.

A jury awarded Ventura $1.85 million – $500,000 in damages, plus $1.35 million for what's called "unjust-enrichment" (meaning someone profited unjustly at someone else's expense) – in July of 2014.

Kyle's widow said in December 2014 she'd appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

That's who ruled Monday.

The three-person panel reversed the $1.35 million "unjust-enrichment" award pretty plainly, writing in part: "We cannot accept Ventura's unjust-enrichment theory, because it enjoys no legal support under Minnesota law."

As for the $500,000 defamation award, one judge dissented – but the other two ruled to reverse that as well, and ordered the lower district court to take up a new trial.

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