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Why Indeed pulled its homebrew kits from store shelves

No more getting Indeed's Day Tripper Pale Ale and Midnight Ryder Black IPA homebrew kits on store shelves.

Minnesota is home to dozens of homebrewing supply stores, which is how a lot of Minnesota's professional craft brewers got their start.

Indeed Brewing Co. is one of them. When it opened back in 2012, two beers on tap were developed from homebrew batches: Day Tripper Pale Ale and Midnight Ryder Black IPA.

Those two beers were adapted as homebrew Pro-Series kits by Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply.

But Indeed announced Friday it's taking them off store shelves.


In mid-October, Anheuser-Busch InBev purchased the popular homebrew supply chain. The beer giant has been criticized for gobbling up craft breweries, and there's worry the company will push independent breweries out of the market and limit consumer's choices.

"Time and time again, Anheuser-Busch InBev has demonstrated through their calculated acquisitions that their intention is to erode the very principles that the craft beer industry is built upon," Indeed said in the announcement.

Although Indeed says it supports the employees of Northern Brewer, it can't support the new ownership and the company's "strategy of attempting to control the craft beer market." So Indeed's kits will no longer be sold in stores.

Instead, Indeed has made the recipes available to the public on its recipe page. Indeed will periodically release more beer recipes there "in the spirit of fostering new talent and creativity in the craft brewing community."

Mark your calendar

Learn to Homebrew Day is Nov. 5, and there are at least four events planned for Minnesota – two in the Twin Cities, one in Duluth and one in Pine City. For more details on the events, click here.

Meanwhile, Homebrew Con – the American Homebrewers Association's national hombrewers conference – is coming to Minneapolis June 15-17, 2017.

Other homebrewing events can be found on the Minnesota Home Brewers Association website. For other homebrewing organizations in the state, click here.

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