Why is Target selling Gophers gear in South Carolina?

A Reddit user posted a photo of the retailer "pushing its Minnesota agenda" down south.

Apparently all of the babies in South Carolina are Gophers fans.

Because why else would Target put a bunch of Minnesota onesies amongst a collection of Clemson Tigers football apparel?

Reddit user Pfunk4444, who took the above photo in Charleston and posted it to the Minnesota subreddit on Wednesday, suggests it's the Minneapolis-based retailer's way of "pushing its Minnesota agenda."

It wouldn't be the first time, according to another user who said they had a similar experience when they spotted a Vikings wall hanging in Lubbock, Texas.

But stocking home décor from an out-of-state NFL team is a bit more excusable than baby clothes for a college team that ended the season with a 5-7 record. Perhaps Target just made a mistake?

"Does this mean there's one random store up here selling Clemson onesies?" one user wondered.

"Otherwise known as future clearance," another joked.

If it's not an accident, then we have to hand it to Target for repping its roots down south.

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