WI man uses bathroom while plane is waiting to take off, gets booted

This one happened on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee.

Delta Airlines is now catching flak for making a passenger get off a plane after he used the bathroom before takeoff.

The man, Kima Hamilton, was flying from Atlanta to Milwaukee on April 18, Fox 6 Now reports.

A passenger on the plane wrote about what happened from their point of view. The woman, Krista, says she and her husband were seated across the aisle from Hamilton, who was on the phone as the plane was getting ready to take off – at which point a flight attendant told him to hang up, which he did, apologizing.

The plane was then third in line to depart, and they waited. And waited.

Hamilton got up from his seat twice – first, he later explained, he went to tell the flight attendant he had an emergency and needed to use the restroom. She told him no because the plane couldn't take off with him in there, so he went back to his seat. When more minutes went by, and the plane still hadn't moved, he then got up, quickly went the the bathroom and returned.

"I don’t believe the plane moved an inch during that time," Krista wrote.

Then the plane returned to its gate, and two agents came and had conversations with Hamilton

In the first video an agent comes up and says he has to leave. Hamilton explains he had an emergency, really had to pee, so did so while nothing was going on with the plane.

"What have I done? If I can even understand what you've been told, we can have a human interaction," Hamilton says.

But the agent repeatedly says he has to get off the plane to discuss it further.

A second video shows a discussion Hamilton had with a second agent. He ensures Hamilton he will get on a flight back to Milwaukee, but they have to get off the plane to talk about it. The video ends before anyone departs the plane.

Throughout both conversations, Hamilton and the agents remain civil despite disagreements.

According to Krista, eventually Delta made everyone get off the plane, then took Hamilton elsewhere before reboarding – with another traveler in his seat.

"The final event of this horrifying saga occurred when, after the plane was airborne, the pilot announced his apologies for the delays and explained that the situation was due to a security concern/issue," Krista said. "My husband and I observed the entire event ... and there was never any hint of a security risk or concern��� unless an emergency need to use the bathroom after unpredictable delays is now considered a 'security risk/issue'."

Delta, in a statement to TMJ4, said it's "imperative that passengers comply with crew instructions" during a flight

Hamilton wound up getting a partial refund and had to catch a flight home on a different airline, TMJ4 reports.

Airline misbehavior

It's been a strange couple months for airlines.

United has gotten the most negative attention for the leggings incident (which Delta capitalized on), the doctor dragged off a plane, and then this week the death of a 3-foot rabbit.

Then there was the American Airlines flight attendant who last week told passengers "hit me," and "bring it on" while a mother was in distress nearby.

Delta has largely been unscathed recently, though there was that YouTuber who got kicked off in December under questionable circumstances.

But the entire industry is under a microscope right now, with lawmakers' eyeballs at the other end. Sen. Al Franken joined a couple other Democrats in introducing legislation that would add specific rules to flying – namely, if you bought a ticket and board, you're guaranteed to fly.

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