Widow of fallen Cold Spring officer Tom Decker: 'It’s been tough'


Nearly four months after the death of officer Tom Decker, his wife spoke to the St. Cloud Times for the first time.

“Being 24 and a widow was nothing I ever dreamt of or could imagine,” Alicia Decker said. Tom and Alicia were married for a little over a year before he was killed.

Cold Spring police officer Tom Decker, 31, was fatally shot responding to a report of a suicidal man on Nov. 29, 2012. Investigators are still seeking suspects in the case.

Decker had four children with his ex-wife, Becky Decker, who's currently in a dispute with Alicia over the money that has been donated in his memory.

Tens of thousands of dollars have been donated and several events to raise money have been held, including a concert that aimed to raise $50,000. But it’s not clear where the money will go.

Alicia wants half the money and the other half would go to the children. She's requesting an independent trustee to manage the accounts.

Tom Decker's ex-wife believes it would be fairer for the money to be divided evenly between all five parties (the children and Alicia Decker).

Although Alicia is opposed, two of the officer's brothers, Eddie and Larry Decker, have filed court papers volunteering to serve as trustees who would allocate funds to the four children, according to the Associated Press.

A Stearns County judge says a receiver will determine how much money is available in the accounts and solution to dividing up the money might be a trial that would focus on the intent of each donor.

The St. Cloud Times reports after Tom Decker's death, the relationship between Alicia and Becky soured quickly.

“I have no hard feelings toward Becky at all,” Alicia said.

Alicia also intends to make a request for a third-party custody action so she can see Decker's children, with whom she became very close.

“I miss them so much. I’ve lost my husband, my best friend. And I feel like I’ve lost my four children, my four stepchildren,” Alicia told the newspaper.

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