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Wife carrying? International contest – and one in Wisconsin


Wife carrying. Did you know this was even A Thing?

It was a big weekend for the, um, competitors, both internationally and in neighboring Wisconsin.

At the 19th World Wife Carrying Championships in Helsinki, the Associated Press reported a Finnish couple defeated 36 other couples from around the world, including the United States. In the competition, men carry their female teammate through an obstacle course. A popular method has the woman hanging upside-down with her legs around the male contestant's shoulders.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin State Journal covered the eighth annual Wisconsin Wife Carry Championship Race, an internationally sanctioned event at the Monona Community Fourth of July Festival. The winners, Jon and Angie Fenrick, won five cases of beer and $525, a prize based on Angie’s weight in beer, along with $5 for every pound. With his wife slung over his shoulders, Jon Fenrick, 29, a Monona police officer, ran 850 feet through tires, hay bales and a water pit. His 31-year-old wife, a scientist in Madison, weighs 103 pounds.

More than a dozen couples competed before hundreds of cheering fans who lined the obstacle course. Organizer Eric Redding said the event is open to any type of couple. The Wife Carry had its first same-sex couple last year when two women entered together, he said.

“We say ‘wife’ in parentheses. We don’t discriminate,” Redding said.

The Fenricks are eligible to represent Wisconsin at the North American Wife Carrying Championships in October in Maine.

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