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Wild have a chance to go where only 4 teams have before

120 points is super rare. The Wild have a chance to get there.

Only four teams have reached 120 points since the NHL went to an 82-game schedule in 1995-96.

  • 2015-16: Washington Capitals, 120 points
  • 2009-10: Washington Capitals, 121 points
  • 2005-06: Detroit Red Wings, 124 points
  • 1995-96: Detroit Red Wings, 131 points

Bruce Boudreau might have his name attached to two of them.

The Capitals (84 points), who reached 121 under Boudreau in 2009-10, are again giving themselves a chance to reach 120 this season. Right behind them are the Minnesota Wild (82 points).

We noted in an earlier story that Minnesota is a virtual lock to secure the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, which would secure home ice advantage throughout the West playoffs. We also noted that the Wild has won 79.4 percent of its games since Dec. 4.

If they continue winning at that rate they'll finish with approximately 120 points, meaning there's a solid chance they become the fifth team in NHL history (in an 82-game schedule) to reach 120.

Boudreau came close in 2013-14 with the Anaheim Ducks, finishing with 116 points.

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