Wildly popular Twin Cities Sriracha gets a limited edition release on Saturday

The sauce-maker has teamed up with a Twin Cities brewstillery to make a bourbon-barrel fermented Sriracha.

A limited release of a popular, locally-made Sriracha sauce goes on sale Saturday – so get it while it's hot.

Isabel Street Heat's reputation for hot sauce excellence is growing, putting a twist on traditional Sriracha recipes by fermenting the chilis before bottling them in a move that "edges them above most of their competitors," according to CityPages.

The saucemaker's Fatalii Sriracha sauce was named the best local hot sauce by the magazine this past September, but it's another of its concoctions that will be in the spotlight this weekend at Bent Brewstillery in Roseville.

Last year, Isabel Street Heat teamed up with the brewery to create Dark Fatha Sriracha, with the Growler Mag reporting the chilis were fermented in charred oak bourbon barrels that previously held Bent's Dark Datha imperial stout.

The limited edition sauce went on sale last spring and according to Isabel's Facebook page, it sold out in less than a month.

Now another run of the sauce has been made and it will go on sale at a launch event at the brewery starting at noon on Saturday, according to a Facebook event listing.

Bent Brewstillery says it gave Isabel Street Heat another Dark Fatha barrel that they filled with a "metric s--- ton of ripe red jalepenos." After Isabel Street is done with the sauce, they give it back to bent who use it to make a spicy rum.

Isabel Street Heat is run by husband and wife team Tony and Leslie Stoy, WCCO reports, with Tony a former sous and pastry chef turned car mechanic who decided to go into the hot sauce business after impressing his coworkers with his homemade sauce at a work pizza party.

He told the TV station the sauce-making process takes a while, with barrels filled with fermented jalapeños and seasonings aging in barrels for four months, before the pulp and seeds are strained out and a mixture of vinegars, salt and sugar is added.

You can find out more about the company here.

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