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Will $1 pop persuade you to go to McDonald's?

The fast food giant has been making changes recently to appeal to younger customers, while still attempting to keep its deal-seekers.

After introducing all-day breakfast meals last year, McDonald's has revealed its next plan to get more people through the door.

The fast-food giant will be charging just $1 for sodas of any size for a limited time starting in April, CBS reports, with smoothies, frappes and shakes costing just $2.

That's right, a large coke, consisting of 32 fluid ounces – almost a liter – of liquid, will set you back the same as a child's-size drink almost a third of the size.

McDonald's has made multiple changes to its ingredients and menu in recent years as it tries to attract new audiences, Business Insider notes, but the $1 drink offer seems to be an attempt to appeal to the bargain-seekers.

The website reported last month that CEO Steve Easterbrook said revamping the chain's value items would be "crucial" in convincing more Americans to pay a visit.

This latest offer, though, doesn't appear to be new. It looks like the company offered $1 drinks to some of its Canadian customers for the whole summer in 2011, and in 2013 had the same promotion running in Japan.

McDonald's is making changes

USA Today reports that McDonald's reported a 1.3 percent sales dip in U.S. stores in its last earnings report, with its all-day breakfast option proving an initial hit but having since lost its "luster."

One of the challenges McDonald's faces is getting the more health-conscious millennial generation to become customers, with Fortune reporting that just 20 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds have tasted a Big Mac.

The Wall Street Journal says the fast food chain started beefing up its social media game last year to appeal to millennials, while some of the changes to its ingredients made in the past year have been aimed at that generation.

According to Forbes, this included removing artificial preservatives from chicken nuggets, replacing margarine with butter in its breakfast items, and using fresh beef patties in its burgers.

It has been testing "customizable menus" allowing customers in some of its restaurants to make their own sandwiches with new added ingredients including guacamole, pico de gallo, and buffalo bacon.

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