Will a sheep shaving a man's back convince you to buy the new General Mills cereal?

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General Mills’ first new cereal in more than 15 years now has viral advertisements and you won't be able to look away.

With a tagline of "Humans Can't Resist," the Tiny Toast commercials show a role reversal with animals in human roles – and vice versa – that are a special combination of hilarious, bizarre and nightmare-inducing.


The commercials were developed by Walrus, a New York-based advertising agency, Adweek reported.

Other commercials feature a Bluetooth-wearing pigeon just trying to enjoy his beachfront morning read, humans flying into a bird family's window and (most disturbing of all, in this writer's opinion) a sheep shearing a man's back hair.

The Golden Valley-based food giant announced the toast-shaped cereal would be part of their latest effort to provide a food that’s free of artificial ingredients.

Check them all of the videos on their YouTube channel (click here), or embedded below.




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