Is Senator Klobuchar circling the Oval Office?


Sen. Amy Klobuchar's sense of humor and serious work ethic were both on display Friday in Iowa, fueling more talk about presidential possibilities in 2016.

Klobuchar tells the Star Tribune that it's "nice" to be on the list of potential 2016 presidential contenders, but she continues to stop well short of saying she is even considering a run.

“I love my job now, I love being senator from Minnesota, that’s what I’m focused on right now,” Klobuchar told the Strib.

She was the headline speaker Friday night at the fundraiser for Iowa congressional candidates in Cedar Lake, Iowa. She also spent part of the day stumping with Rep. Bruce Braley, an Iowa Democrat making a run for the U.S. Senate.

University of Minnesota professor Kathryn Pearson tells KARE 11 that Klobuchar's next political move will likely depend on Hillary Clinton's decision. She's considered the Democratic frontrunner by most pundits. But EMILY’s List put Klobuchar on its list of female lawmakers who could be viable candidates for the White House.

"I would support her as a vice president but I strongly support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (for President)," Iowa resident Kathy Winter told KAAL-TV.

Pearson says Klobuchar's track record of working across the aisle should appeal to our neighbors to the south in Iowa, the nation's first presidential testing ground.

Klobuchar's wit will also play well with Iowans, Pearson says, and Klobuchar didn't disappoint last night.

During her opening remarks, KARE 11 says Klobuchar delivered a series of one-liners about the differences between Iowa and Minnesota. She also took a shot at Sarah Palin.

Said Klobuchar: "I literally am only two hours from here, and I can see Iowa from my porch!"

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