Will this be the summer of guns?

You might think so by glancing at local headlines. Young women in Minnesota are being pressured to buy guns for criminals in exchange for cash – a trend rarely seen across the country, the Star Tribune reports. Meanwhile, St. Paul police are begging young people to put down their firearms as the rate of gun incidents soars. And the search for the killer of a 5-year-old boy in north Minneapolis continues.

Young women in Minnesota are being pressured to buy guns for criminals in exchange for cash – a trend rarely seen across the country, the Star Tribune reports. Women younger than 30 are being recruited by men for straw purchases of weapons because the men are ineligible to buy guns due to criminal records, officials say. Sometimes the women are paid, sometimes not.

St. Paul's police chief has a four-word message for young people: Put down your guns, the Pioneer Press reports. In the first five months of this year, two types of gun violence reports were up 65 percent, compared with the average for the same period between 2008 and 2010, a Pioneer Press analysis of St. Paul police data found.

Minneapolis has been grappling recently with shootings downtown. This week charges were filed against two men for a shooting that wounded three bystanders outside the Gay 90s. Police are beefing up patrols around bar-closing time, the Strib says.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the fatal shooting of 5-year-old Nizzel Anthony George continues, the Strib says. He was shot Tuesday while sleeping on a couch at a house that was sprayed with bullets in north Minneapolis. Two teens were arrested Thursday in connection with the shooting, police said. His funeral will be Tuesday.

KSTP has a look at the forensic science at work in that case.

One person is in the hospital Friday morning after an early-morning shooting near a bar in downtown Minneapolis, according to police, WCCO reports.

For some perspective, Minneapolis is projected this year to fall way below the murder rates of the mid-1990s, when the New York Times featured the city – "Nice City's Nasty Distinction" – on the front page.

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Firearm purchases booming in Wisconsin

The number of calls to Wisconsin's handgun hotline -- the line firearm dealers must call to register a gun -- set a record in February, with nearly 16,000 calls. So far this year, the hotline has handled more than 53,000 calls and is on pace soar past the number of calls in 2011. Wisconsin is right at the center of a national trend.

Police chase leads, killer of 5-year-old

Police are seeking the killer of a 5-year-old boy who was shot while sleeping on a couch in a north Minneapolis home Tuesday morning. The gunman sprayed the house with bullets and fled, police say. It was exactly six months to the day that 3-year-old Terrell Mayes Jr. was shot by a bullet that was fired into his home.

City of Hopkins bans airsoft guns in public

Police pushed for the ban after responding to two 911 calls in which citizens reported seeing guns on the street. In one case, police drew their weapons and forced a suspect to the ground before they discovered the person was carrying an airsoft gun. Airsoft guns look very similar to real firearms but shoot plastic BBs.

Shooting death of toddler tempers county's good news about guns

The death of 3-year-old Terrell Mayes from a stray bullet in north Minneapolis comes just as Hennepin County officials were set to celebrate an increase in convictions for gun violence. The Hennepin County attorney attributes the successes to a collaboration with federal officials.