Will your phone automatically adjust as daylight saving time ends?

Here's how to be sure.

Daylight saving time is ending at 2 a.m. this Sunday morning. In that moment, it will no longer be 2 a.m., but 1 a.m again. 

So depending on what you're doing that night, it could give you an extra hour of fun – or an extra hour of sleep (which is also pretty fun).

But eventually you have to wake up, and if you're anything like the paranoid writer of this article, you might spend a good portion of your morning trying to figure out if your phone did, indeed adjust itself to the correct time. 

Here's how to be sure.

Check your phone the night before

Probably the best, most practical way to make sure you wake up on schedule and don't show up to Sunday brunch an hour earlier than everyone else is to check your phone's setting the night before. 

If you have an iPhone, just head to the "Date & Time" part of your device's general settings. Assuming you're in the correct time zone, just making sure your phone has "Set Automatically" turned on should do the trick. 

The same goes for Androids. Go into "Date & Time" and turn on auto adjust. 

If you want to be extra sure

Just in case you forgot to check your phone the night before, or maybe you did but you want to be extra, extra sure you're on the right time (no shame, we understand), there are a couple other ways to check the time. 

You can just type "what time is it?" into Google. 

Or check out this world clock. Or this clock. Or this clock

You can also look at the natural signs. Like if you've been waking up in the dark lately, it might seem brighter a little earlier – but darker sooner in the evening. 

Oh, and give your smoke alarms a little TLC

Just take a couple minutes to go through your place and change your smoke detector batteries. 

It could save your life. Fire Departments usually encourage people to do this twice a year when you change your clocks.

According to the Virginia Fire Department, three out of five home fire deaths occur in places without working smoke alarms. 

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