Winona couple do it again with their ghoulish Halloween yard display

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The home belonging to Bill and Shelly Theisen has become a bit of a Halloween tradition in Winona, because of its unique and spooky front yard displays.

If you happen upon 1315 Lakeview Ave. this weekend, you'll notice all manner of creepy creatures taking part in the "Circus Ghoul-lay," with one riding a bicycle on a tightrope, another becoming an "inhuman" cannonball, and all manner of creepy clowns on show.

The Winona Daily News reports that the couple have in previous years wowed crowds with a Halloween "ski show" display – featuring werewolves doing water sports – and had a ghouls' grill with skeletons barbecuing and playing poker around a table.

Much of the display is created with handmade items, and several of them have moving parts, the newspaper notes.

They had never decorated for Halloween prior moving from their countryside home into Winona, but it has now become a seasonal hobby that delights kids and horror fans across the city.

Asked why they create such elaborate displays by the Daily News, Bill Theisen said: "It's just for the fun of it. It's fun seeing what unique things you can come up with."

Take a look around their yard here.

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