Many questions, few answers in Winona man's death


Many questions remain unanswered in a mysterious death of a 57-year-old Winona man, who was found dead and bloodied at a home he was house sitting in Rollingstone over the weekend.

Winona County Sheriff Dave Brand said autopsy results show Glenn Peter Brown died from blood loss and hypothermia, the Winona Daily News reports. Investigators said he had a split ear, cut lip and an injury removed a sizable portion of his scalp. He was intoxicated at the time of his death, but blood-alcohol levels were not available, the newspaper says.

A new report Wednesday suggests that investigators are inclined to believe it was an accident that caused the death, the Daily News reports.

But investigators haven't said exactly what caused his injuries – he had no broken bones, was not shot and investigators ruled out a hit-and-run accident and an assault.

Witnesses said Brown was at Legends Sports Bar and Grill at 1 a.m. Sunday. He went to and left the bar alone and there were no reported incidents or altercations at the bar, Brand said.

He was found Sunday afternoon lying face down in a pool of blood by the homeowners he was house sitting for. His cellphone was near his body, but there were no clues from his call log or phone memory, Brand told the Winona Daily News. Blood was found all over the backyard, garage and back door of the home.

The trail of blood led nearly two blocks to a park where more blood and Brown's glasses – undamaged – were found, the Rochester Post Bulletin reports.

"Whatever happened between the park and the house, we don't know," Brand told the Winona Daily News. "Where we're stumped at is from the beginning."

"We don't know if we've got a criminal case or not for sure, or if he fell down and harmed himself," Brand told WKBT.

Officials are treating the case as a suspicious death. They haven't named a suspect and aren't even sure there is one, WKBT says. Brand said investigators will keep every possibility open as the investigation continues.

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