Winter Carnival medallion hunters burn through all 12 clues

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Take a break, medallion hunters.

Serious searchers have been out 12 nights in a row, bundled up to scour Ramsey County parks with shovels, hoes, and other digging tools.

The Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt has been part of the St. Paul Winter Carnival for 67 years and 2016's search for the medallion is finally over.

For the first time in more than a decade, hunters needed all 12 clues which the newspaper publishes a little before midnight.

A team of three friends from Minneapolis finally found the medallion in an uprooted tree in woods near the boat landing at Bald Eagle Lake, the Pioneer Press reports.

Heather Vocke, Phillip Kitzer, and Christopher Jozwiak will share a grand prize of $10,000.

As the daily clues gradually became more specific, many treasure hunters had narrowed their search to Bald Eagle Lake Regional Park, which is north of White Bear Lake.

A video posted to YouTube captured the scene there after the release of the final clue.

This year's winners say they've been medallion hunters for about 10 years and FOX 9 reports they keep binders of maps and information about Ramsey County pars to organize their searches.

10 years makes them relative newcomers, compared to some of the veteran hunters. While on the trail of the medallion they encountered a a 61-year-old woman who told them she'd been in on the annual search since she was six, KARE 11 reports.

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