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Who's predicting what?

As Minnesotan's ring in the new year, a winter storm warning looms. Find out what the experts are saying.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The heaviest snow is expected in a wide band stretching from Mankato to Lake Superior.

Belinda Jensen of KARE 11 says snow amounts will vary between 1"-4" in the metro by the early morning hours. And New Year's revelers should hold onto their party hats with wind gusts up to 45 mph.

MPR says the combination of snow and strong winds means tumbling temperatures on the first day of 2012.

Despite the statewide weather warning, the Pine Journal doesn't seem to be worried. The northern Minnesota newspaper says not to expect any major snowfall events over the next few days. Northern Minnesota is seeing it's fourth lowest snow accumulation since 1850

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Who's predicting what?

Snowfall has hit the state and is expected to continue until early Sunday. Here's a rundown of the weather pontificators from across the state.

Snow? Sleet? Slop? Maybe all of the above

The brunt of our Tuesday-Wednesday storm is pointed at north central Minnesota, which means the Brainerd Lakes area could be looking at 15 inches of snow. As for the Twin Cities and southern Minnesota, the storm may be more of a washout -- as in rainwater washing away much of whatever snow falls. Click on the headline for a look at who's predicting what for the metro area.

Storm winds down; more snow possible Friday

Perhaps Old Man Winter heard us snickering about this year's "winter." The Leap Day Storm left a foot of snow across much of central Minnesota, knocked out power to many Minnesotans, closed schools, and left traffic accidents in its wake.