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Wisconsin bishop targeted by impostor Twitter account


An impostor Twitter account that purported to be from the bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay has now been taken down.

The Green Bay Post Gazette reports Bishop David Ricken's account was maliciously mimicked over the weekend, and there was at least one attempt to solicit money with it.

The authentic account is

" target="_blank">@BpDavidRicken. It was created in February 2013, and Ricken tweets on an almost daily basis to interact with nearly 3,000 followers.

The fake account was @BpDavid_Ricken, which has an underscore between Ricken’s first and last names.

The diocese put out a warning about the fraudulent account, which appears to have started over the weekend, the Post Gazette said, adding the fake Ricken profile had 40 followers and about a half-dozen tweets as of Tuesday afternoon.

Some of the followers of Ricken's legitimate account warned others on social media.

"This is the time of year where we see a lot of charitable giving scams, because everybody wants to give before the end of the year for tax purposes," Susan Bach, regional director for the Better Business Bureau, told FOX 11.

Bach added that what happened to Ricken could happen to anyone and recommends that individuals set up a Google alert for their own name to catch any fraudulent activity.

This is usually a problem for celebrities, not bishops from Midwestern states.

The Huffington Post says usage rules require anyone using a Twitter account, pretending to be someone else, make it clear that it's not affiliated with the real person. But notes it's still really easy to create a fake celebrity account.

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