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Wisconsin DNR: Look out for wild pigs


The Associated Press says deer hunters in Wisconsin should look out for wild pigs. Their rooting ways and the diseases they carry have been causing trouble in at least 51 counties for more than ten years.

Hunters with a license can kill wild pigs year round except for Nov. 22, the Friday before the start of the nine-day gun deer season. Landowners can shoot them on their property without a license.

The Wisconsin DNR classifies feral pigs as a harmful invasive species, and is asking hunters and others to use its website to report shootings and sightings.

Most wild pigs are a little over a hundred pounds and black, with stiff bristles and flattened snouts. Their tails are straight, unlike the curly tails of domestic pigs . Boars' tusks can be extremely sharp, though they are usually broken or worn from use.

Biologists estimate there are 4 million feral pigs in the United States.

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