Wisconsin EMTs nursing 3 piglets back to health, sharing their story

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These three piglets survived a Wisconsin fire by – dare we say – the hair of their chinny chin chins.

The three little pigs, aptly named Big Pig, Pig and Runt, were the only pigs to survive a fire at a Boyceville barn on Sunday, according to WEAU.

Quick-thinking EMTs helped rescue the piglets and then wrapped them in warm packs and blankets. (Yes, pigs in blankets.) Big Pig, the largest of the pigs, underwent breathing treatments, while Pig, the medium-sized pig, and Runt, the smallest pig, were kept warm.

“It’s amazing when you save a person that’s what we are trained to do and then when you come to this situation and you have these little itty-bitty piglets and you do what you can and it worked out,” Nick Feeney, an EMT, told WEAU.

EMTs brought the pigs, who range in age from a few days to a few weeks, back to their station because their owner does not have the resources and medical knowledge to care for them. What's even more amazing is the way the rescuers are sharing the piglets' story. On the Boyceville Community Ambulance District Facebook page, EMTs are writing diary entries from the pigs' point of view about their recovery and how they spend their time at the station, including videos and photos of the piglets.

The pigs spend most of their time in front of a humidifier to help with their breathing. EMTs feed the pigs by bottle every few hours – even throughout the night. Big Pig occasionally undergoes breathing treatments, and Pig and Runt get cream applied to their burns. The pigs are getting stronger every day, WEAU reports. When they are healthy enough they will return to the farm.

“[Sunday] they weren’t really moving but as of [Monday] morning they are all over the place,” Tonya Schutts, an EMT, told WEAU.

Post by Boyceville Community Ambulance District.

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