Wisconsin girl's signed Michael Jordan jersey – a gift from Make-A-Wish – stolen by thieves

A fire had displaced the family, and 2 men were found rifling through their belongings.

Years ago, a 6-year-old girl suffering from a life-threatening illness received quite the gift through Make-A-Wish Foundation – a signed Michael Jordan jersey.

It's No. 45, so after he came back from baseball, and it's that signature Chicago Bulls red. Jerseys like that can go for a few thousand bucks, but it's worth so much more to the family, considering what it represents.

This past October, a fire displaced that family from their home in Rock Creek, just west of Eau Claire. 

Two men recently decided to rifle through the family's belongings left at the home – and slinked away with the treasured signed jersey, as well as some other items.

The Dunn County Sheriff's Office is hoping to find that jersey.

The sheriff's office on Monday said the theft happened back on Nov. 2. They said early that morning, a family member visited the residence that had been damaged in the Oct. 11 fire, which had forced the family to live elsewhere.

When the family member arrived, they ran into two unknown men and asked what the duo were doing.

"Looting the house," they replied, then left with a garbage can full of stuff.

Among the items taken was that signed jersey. 

The sheriff's office is asking anyone who has recently seen a signed No. 45 Jordan jersey for sale, or may have purchased it, to contact them at 715-232-1348, or submit a tip anonymously here

One person has been arrested at this point, the sheriff's office said. They're still looking for the second suspect.

Jordan's signature number was 23. But he wore No. 45 after returning to the NBA for the 1995 season, following "retirement" and that minor league baseball stint. The 45 didn't last long though. Priceonomics says he went back to No. 23 after just 22 games.

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