Wisconsin police: Naked burglary suspect gets stuck in air vent

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Police say a suspected burglar ended up naked and trapped in an air vent in a Wisconsin veterinary clinic for more than 10 hours earlier this week, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

Shane H. Ray, 19, was charged Tuesday with attempted burglary, which is a felony.

Officials said that Ray was discovered by workers at the Small Animal Hospital in Milwaukee after he was screaming for help Monday morning.

Milwaukee police Capt. Aaron Raap said, "It wasn't the cat in their ventilation shaft, it was a cat burglar."

Raap said the suspect went to the business about 9 p.m. Sunday with the intention of stealing drugs, but he couldn't find any windows to use to access the building. So, Raap said, the man climbed on the roof, hacked into the ventilation system, stripped naked and squeezed in.

Police said Ray, who had nothing but a flashlight and hammer on him, was cut out of the metal box by rescue workers.

Raap suspects that Ray stripped because burglars who attempt crimes involving ventilation often pipes strip so their clothing won't snag on screws.

Milwaukee police Lt. Mark Stanmeyer tells Channel3000.com that Ray suffered multiple cuts and scrapes from screws while trapped in the vent.

One of the officers assisting in the rescue says he's dumbfounded how Ray -- who is about 6 feet and 160 pounds -- could have fit into the space.

About $5,000 in damage was done to the ventilation system, but the building's heat and cooling system still works, the Journal Sentinel said.

The Associated Press picked up the story and it was being widely shared Wednesday. Naked burglars tend to get more attention than their clothed counterparts. A burglar in the buff was arrested after he broke into a Washington state museum earlier this month in Washington state.

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