Wisconsin set to raise interstate speed limit to 70 mph


The Wisconsin State Assembly is expected to pass a bill Tuesday that would raise the speed limit to 70 mph on interstate highways in the state, the Star Tribune reports.

Once approved, the bill will move on to the state Senate.

The current speed limit on the Wisconsin interstates is 65 mph.

The new measure is asking transportation officials to submit a feasibility study that would raise the speed limit within the year on other state four-lane highways in Wisconsin.

The Assembly Transportation Committee passed the bill last week, which will raise the speed limit on the 800 miles that are part of the state's rural freeway and expressway system, the Leader-Telegram reports.

The UW Badger Herald says Wisconsin is the only state in the Midwest that doesn't have a 70 mph on the interstates, and one of only 12 states nationwide with a speed limit of 65 mph or lower.

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