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Wisconsin will recount all its presidential votes by hand

Two third party candidates asked for the recount and the state plans to start it next week

The presidential election of 2016 is not quite over yet.

State officials in Wisconsin say they're preparing for a recount after Green Party candidate Jill Stein filed a request for one before Friday's state deadline.

Wisconsin's Elections Commission says it has put together a team to direct the recount and expects it will start late next week.


Stein wants recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania as well as Wisconsin. Unofficial results showed Republican Donald Trump narrowly defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton in all three of those states. As the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel notes, liberal groups have raised concerns that voting machines may have been hacked.

Stein received just one percent of the vote in each of the states where she wants a recount. But she said in a video posted to Facebook Friday that trust in the election system is an important issue for her party.

“This is a commitment that Greens have expressed — that we stand for election integrity, that we support voting systems that respect our vote," Stein said.

Cost and timing

Another presidential candidate, Rocky Roque De La Fuente of the Reform Party, also filed a request for a Wisconsin recount, the Elections Commission says. But it's Stein who is preparing to pay for one.

Stein hopes to raise $7 million to cover expenses for the three recounts she's seeking and her online fundraiser had come up with more than $5 million by Friday night.

It's not clear yet how much Wisconsin's recount will cost. Elections Commission administrator Michael Haas said Friday the expense is being calculated by the the state's 72 counties, which will be doing most of the work of recounting nearly 3 million votes.

Haas called Wisconsin's election system the most decentralized one in the U.S. He says canvassing boards in the counties will be working nights and weekends to meet the Dec. 13 federal deadline for having recounts finished.

Deadlines for filing a recount request are Monday in Pennsylvania and Wednesday in Michigan, National Public Radio says.

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