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Wisconsin wolf hunt wraps up


Wisconsin's inaugural wolf harvest is ending ahead of schedule because hunters and trappers are on the verge of reaching the statewide quota.

The Duluth News Tribune reports that only one of the state's six zones remain open today. The other zones closed as their quotas were reached. The final zone, which includes Douglas, Burnett, Washburn, Sawyer, Price and Rusk counties, closes at 5 p.m. The wolf harvest quota for the zone was 18 wolves; the 17th was harvested Friday.

Wisconsin's season was slated to run until Feb. 28 or when harvest goals were reached. The goal was set for a total of 116 wolves; 115 wolves had been taken as of Saturday.

This was Minnesota and Wisconsin’s first managed wolf hunts since the animals came off the endangered list.

In Minnesota, wolf hunting and trapping continues in the Northwest Zone. The quota for the zone is 187 wolves; 104 had been harvested as of Saturday evening.

The season was closed in the state’s Northeast and East-Central zones earlier this month after hunters and trappers reached late season quotas. In all, Minnesota hunters and trappers registered 171 wolves during the late season; the target for all Minnesota zones is 253 wolves.

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Wisconsin opens wolf hunt

Wisconsin's first hunting season since the gray wolf came off the endangered species list begins Monday. Hunters and trappers will be allowed to take 201 wolves by the end of February, although nearly half of those are set aside for tribal members. Unlike their Minnesota counterparts (whose season begins Nov. 3rd), Wisconsinites will be able to hunt at night and use dogs.