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A gift horse for a grieving girl this Christmas


Many children dream of getting a horse for Christmas, but a 12-year-old Wisconsin girl actually got one--thanks to the generosity of an anonymous stranger.

The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram reported that Dani Morrow, who lives outside Osseo, Wis., experienced great loss this year. Her father died of colon cancer in October; her pony, Popcorn, died of organ failure three weeks ago.A donor from Pierce County who learned of heard Dani’s double loss donated a 13-year-old American quarter horse mare for an unforgettable Christmas present for her. WQOW reported that the girl thought that she and her family were greeting a group of carolers at their rural home when she was surprised with the gift of the horse. Incredibly, the horse was already named Dani.

Earlier this month, Candice Aspen, a family friend, posted a message on Facebook to find a horse for the seventh-grader. Within two hours Aspen said she had received offers of 50 horses from owners in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Horse owners who heard about the quest for donated a new saddle and bridle, grooming supplies, buckets, polo wraps, treats, grain, horse blankets, coolers and other items.

“I never in my wildest dreams expected all the people to step forward,” Aspen said. “None of them have even met Dani or her family before.”

On Monday at the Morrows’ home, Aspen boosted Dani up onto the horse’s back. The girl reached down and hugged the horse’s neck, then climbed off and kissed the mare’s muzzle.

"It just means so much to me that they did this for me!" the girl said.

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