Witness claimed Montevideo man was planning attacks, FBI says

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An FBI agent testified in federal court Tuesday that the raid on a Montevideo property in early May came after a witness told police that Buford “Bucky” Rogers, 24, had planned to bomb a police station, a communications tower and a National Guard armory, the Star Tribune reports.

FBI special agent Shane Ball said a witness went to a police department in San Antonio, Texas in late April and notified officers that Rogers was planning the attacks. After the witness was interviewed by the the FBI, federal agents raided the home of Rogers' father, Jeffrey Rogers.

"We have information that there was an active plot to do violence," Ball said in court, according to the Pioneer Press. "It wasn't a hypothetical plot."

Rogers federal public defender, Andrew Mohring, was critical of the raid because the FBI went off the claims of a single witness. But Ball said the witness's information matched what police found at Jeffrey Rogers' mobile home.

Jeffrey Rogers told the Star Tribune that the witness, who was not identified, had previously lived with the family and claimed there was no truth to the allegations.

According to the Pioneer Press, the witness was a former member of the Black Snake Militia, a small anti-government group consisting of mostly Rogers and his family members.

Following the raid, the FBI had claimed that agents thwarted a terror plot although no terror-related charges were filed against Rogers.

He pleaded not guilty to four felony counts, including being a felon in possession of a firearm and three counts of possessing “unregistered destructive devices,” including two Molotov cocktails, two “black powder nail devices” and a pipe bomb, the Star Tribune reported.

A trial has been scheduled for Aug. 12.

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