Wolf hunt to end Friday in NW Minnesota


The Department of Natural Resources announced Friday it is ending the wolf hunt in northwestern Minnesota at the close of shooting hours. Hunters and trappers had harvested 86 wolves by Thursday evening, and officials anticipated the target harvest would be met by the end of the day Friday.

WDIO reports Minnesota hunters have taken 223 wolves so far this year. Hunting has already closed in the northeast zone. It will continue until Jan. 31 in the east-central zone unless the quota of ten wolves is reached before then.
The wolf hunt also continues in Michigan's Upper Peninsula through Dec. 31 but has ended in all Wisconsin zones for the season.

BringMeTheNews reported this fall that the Minnesota hunt faced opposition from groups that say the wolf hunt is cruel and the wolf population is too low.

The DNR says it too is concerned about wolf numbers, and it lowered harvest limits accordingly.

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