The Wolves' chances in the NBA Draft Lottery

Minnesota has about a one in five chance to land in the top three of the NBA Draft.
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Not happy with the six straight losses to finish the season? Think again. Those six losses made the difference between the Wolves finishing with the sixth-worst record and quite possibly the 10th- or- 11th-worst record in the NBA.

Why does it matter? The Wolves and Knicks, tied for sixth worst, go into the May 16 NBA Draft Lottery with an 18.3% chance to land a top three pick – and a 5.3% chance at the No. 1 overall pick. Had the Wolves finished somewhere in the 8-11 range their chances would've taken a significant hit.

They'll know for sure if they pick sixth or seventh after the pre-lottery positioning draw April 29.

Eighth place has a 9.9% shot at the top three; ninth place is worse with a 6.1% chance; 10th has a 4% chance; 11th has just a 2.1% chance.

According to Tankathon, the Wolves have a 43.6% chance to stay at No. 6 and a 33.1% chance to get the seventh pick.

This year's draft is considered a deep draft.

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