Woman allegedly raped by decapitation victim is charged as accomplice

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The woman allegedly raped by the man later found decapitated in northern Minnesota has been charged as an accomplice to murder.

The Itasca County Attorney confirmed on Thursday that a 22-year-old woman from Grand Rapids has been charged with one count of accomplice after the fact to 2nd degree murder and one count of 3rd degree assault.

It relates to the death of Hibbing's David Alexander Haiman, 20, who was struck with a baseball bat, stabbed and decapitated with a machete on Tuesday, June 21.

His body and head were found in some woods near Deer River, in Itasca County, this past Sunday.

On Wednesday, 36-year-old Joseph Thoresen, of Deer River, was charged with 2nd degree murder over Haiman's death, which a criminal complaint says he carried out in retaliation to Haiman allegedly raping "his girl."

BringMeTheNews is not naming the 22-year-old woman because she is the subject of an alleged sexual assault.

According to a criminal complaint, the woman was with Thoresen on the night he is accused of killing Haiman, which occurred after the three of them had been out smoking meth.

The woman told police that earlier that night she and Thoresen tied up Haiman and assaulted him in the house they shared. Officers later searched their home and found "suspected blood and other physical evidence consistent with an altercation in the bedroom."

She remains in custody with bail set at $200,000 without conditions or $100,000 with conditions.

Second man charged

Police have charged another man in relation to the Haiman case, after he was found driving the murder victim's car with Joseph Thoresen as a passenger on Saturday, June 25.

Triston Corwin, 19, of Grand Rapids, led police on a 90mph chase after an officer noticed an obscured license plate and the passenger – Thoresen – wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

After crashing, Corwin exited the car – later found to be Haiman's – and ran into the woods while the chasing officer arrested Thoresen. Corwin later told police Thoresen pulled a knife on him and told him to keep driving, but no knife was found.

He faces four charges, two for fleeing an officer (by car and on foot), one for driving a stolen vehicle and one for driving while impaired (he tested positive for meth, according to a criminal complaint.)

Corwin is also mentioned in the Grand Rapids woman's criminal complaint.

It says she and Thoresen arrived at Corwin's house with a blood-covered bat that they left there in the days after Haiman's death. Corwin said he got scared and had burnt the bat, along with a shoe as he didn't know who it belonged to.

The pair also brought a bag of property to Corwin's house he believed to belong to Haiman, including a laptop, cellphone and brown wallet.

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