Woman falls into 'frigid' water while trying to rescue her dog


A woman trying to rescue her dog from the icy waters along Duluth's Park Point was rescued after falling in herself.

First responders on the scene just before 3 p.m. Wednesday spotted a person in the water, the Duluth Fire Department said in a news release.

When they arrived, a passerby identified as Kirk – who saw what happened and called for assistance – was there and doing what he could to help get her out, including throwing a leash out to her, the Police Department said on Facebook.

The woman was in about 4 feet of what the fire department described as "frigid" water, and had apparently slid in while trying to get her dog. KBJR 6 reports the dog had ran ahead while out for a walk, and when the woman went to look for the animal, found it in the water.

She then fell in trying to rescue the dog.

Fire department personnel went into the water and grabbed the woman, with help from police and Kirk. The personnel then embraced her to help preserve body heat, the fire department said.

After being pulled from the water, she was taken to a rescue vehicle to warm up. She also changed into dry clothes that were in her nearby car, the fire department said. She didn't need to be taken to the hospital.

The dog meanwhile was out of the water by the time responders arrived.

FOX 21 spoke with the citizen on the scene who helped, Kirk Summers – watch that interview here.

"Duluth Police would like to thank Kirk who saw the female fall into the water and immediately called for assistance," the department said on Facebook. "Kirk was in the right place at the right time to save this individuals life. Excellent work!"

The fire department also issued a reminder that ice conditions can change "at any time."

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