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Woman in Sartell describes terrifying abduction by man in ski mask


A 56-year-old woman says she endured a terrifying ordeal that started in Sartell when she climbed into her car and found a man in a ski mask lying in wait for her, crouched in the back.

The woman said the man ambushed her in her car when she climbed in it Wednesday at about 9:40 p.m. at a McDonald's in Sartell, near Highways 1 and 15, the St. Cloud Times reports.

The man forced her to drive, and eventually they picked up another masked man, and the two demanded money, according to multiple media reports about the incident. It was not immediately clear if the attackers were successful in robbing the woman of any money or valuables.

The woman also told investigators that she was choked until she lost consciousness, and eventually she was shoved from the car in Sauk Rapids, where she called for help from a Coborn’s Superstore. She was treated for injuries at St. Cloud Hospital and released.

Police later found the car with its interior burned.

Investigators do not yet know if the woman was specifically targeted or if it was a random attack. “Because of that uncertainty, the Police Department is asking that people lock their vehicles when going into a business and to check the back seats of their vehicles before entering,” Sartell Police Chief Jim Hughes told the Star Tribune.

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