Woman injured by hit-and-run driver while searching for lost dog

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A Robbinsdale woman is recovering from several injuries after being struck by a hit-and-run driver early Saturday morning while looking for her lost dog, WCCO reports.

Matt Paulson says he and his wife, Katie, were looking for their dog, Titus, at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday at the corner of Lake Drive and Halifax Avenue in Robbinsdale, when Katie, who was seated on a bench near the couple's home, was struck by the driver.

Matt Paulson says he was inside their home when he heard a scream, and went outside to find that Katie Paulson had been struck, and she was lying on the ground.

He tells FOX 9 that his wife says the car sideswiped her.

"She saw lights coming at her is pretty much what she said," Matt Paulson tells the station.

According to media reports, Katie Paulson underwent surgery Saturday and has 12 staples in her head, four broken bones in her leg and several broken bones in her foot. She also had to have a rod inserted in her leg, as well as some plates and screws. She faces 12 weeks of recovery time.

Matt Paulson says they found a side mirror and part of a front bumper in the grass. FOX 9 says police, otherwise, have no vehicle description or license plate number.

Titus, meanwhile, wandered home while the couple was at the hospital, WCCO says. He initially escaped the couple's home after a guest at the Paulson residence accidentally left the gate open.

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