Woman paralyzed in car accident walks down the aisle

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Dayna Schultz, who was paralyzed when a car she was in collided with a train nine years ago, unveiled her accomplishments as she walked down the aisle at her wedding, KARE 11 reports.

Schultz, 27, married Aaron Harren Saturday after meeting each other online two years ago. She had been worried to tell him she was in a wheelchair, but Harren, who grew up with his mother in a wheelchair, told KARE 11 "it wasn't something completely strange" to him.

Soon after they started dating, Harren proposed and Schultz became determined to walk down the aisle.

Schultz broke her neck and her spinal cord was stretched in the July 2005 accident that killed her two friends, Scott Anderson and Matt Nelson, according to the Morris Sun Tribune. Schultz was paralyzed from the waist down and in the months and years after the accident, she underwent surgeries and physical therapy sessions, including vibration therapy in Michigan, which helped her increase bone density and build muscle tone to help her stand, according to the Orange County Register.

After Harren proposed, she spent the next year going to physical therapy and practicing walking for their wedding day, KARE 11 says. With the help of special leg braces that lock at the knee and ankle, Schultz walked down the aisle.

The couple says they're proof that love and determination can overcome obstacles. KARE 11 says Harren was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease three years ago.

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