Woman pleads guilty to running over man outside Uptown bar


A Minneapolis woman pleaded guilty Tuesday to attempted murder for running over a man last summer outside a bar in the Uptown area of Minneapolis.

Angela Jackson, 38, entered the plea in Hennepin County court for the hit-and-run accident on Aug. 15 which left 39-year-old Tarrince Winbush critically injured, WCCO reports.

According to the criminal complaint, Jackson was with a group of people at the Bulldog Uptown bar on Lyndale Avenue, when some in the group began arguing over the bar tab. They were asked to leave, and continued the argument outside.

Jackson said she was angry with one of the men because he hit her while they were arguing inside the bar. So she got into her car with two other women and tried to run over the man. She missed and hit a parked vehicle, witnesses said.

She then went around the block to return to the bar, and saw the man crossing the street with Winbush. She tried to hit the man but missed, and struck Winbush instead. Officials say she was driving about 40 mph when she hit Winbush, who was sent flying into the air.

Jackson fled the scene, hitting two vehicles in the process. She later removed the car’s license plates and hid the vehicle in a garage for several days before police tracked it down. Jackson was arrested nine days after the incident.

The prosecutor told the judge that Winbush remains in a coma with a serious brain injury, according to the Star Tribune.

Jackson has an extensive criminal history, which includes convictions involving drunken driving, driving with a revoked license, theft, check forgery, assault, disorderly conduct and prostitution, according to state court records.

She will be sentenced on Feb. 6, and is expected to receive a 13 to 16-year prison sentence, the Star Tribune reports.

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