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Woman pleads guilty to taking out hit on boyfriend, who was stabbed to death


Unable to cope with the guilt anymore, a 21-year-old woman from Eveleth has admitted to arranging the death of her boyfriend after taking out a hit on him.

In St. Louis County District Court Tuesday, Janessa Peters pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of 28-year-old Harley Jacka in April 2014, the Duluth News Tribune reports, after luring him to an apartment in Virginia where he was murdered.

When asked why she had him killed, she replied: "Because I didn't want to be with him anymore," adding that she had experienced difficulty breaking up with Jacka after having dated him for two months, according to the newspaper.

Peters came forward voluntarily in August, confessing to police her role in Jacka's death having been consumed with guilt over his slaying, saying she couldn't live with herself anymore.

The Star Tribune reports her three co-conspirators – Bartholamy Drift, 40, of Nett Lake; Anthony Isham, 43, of Duluth; and John Isham, 39, of Virginia – have also been charged with Jacka's murder, with Drift having already pleaded guilty and will be sentenced next week.

Prosecutors haven't said who they believe stabbed Jacka, who was found with more than a dozen stab wounds, the newspaper notes.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, defense attorney Bruce Williams said it's the first time he had seen someone come forward to admit guilt in a murder case, adding Peters had tried to take her own life three times before confessing.

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