Woman ripped off by homeless couple after she bought them food, clothes

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A St. Paul homeless couple lifted a checkbook and computer tablet from a Woodbury woman after she bought them a meal and some clothes.

Nicole Coombs, 31, of Woodbury, tells the Pioneer Press that "It's my calling to help the homeless people."

The suspects, a homeless man and woman, allegedly stole the woman’s Galaxy II tablet and checkbook, said Sgt. Paul Paulos, a police spokesman, the Star Tribune reports.

The thing is, Coombs doesn't seem too bothered.

She tells the St. Paul paper her aunt was homeless, and after her grandmother died in June, "I've been walking in the path of Jesus Christ."

According to police: She went to downtown St. Paul about 5 p.m. Wednesday with her 5-year-old son in tow and found the homeless couple. She bought them dinner at Tacos, Nachos and Beer, and then took them clothes shopping at Sears.

Afterwards she discovered her checkbook and her $650 Galaxy tablet computer missing from her Jeep Patriot, says the St. Paul paper.

Coombs said she thinks the homeless woman took her property.

"I fed her dinner at a restaurant and bought her a new outfit and she still had the audacity to take my Galaxy tablet and my checkbook," Coombs said. But she says she wants to replace it with an iPad anyway.

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