Woman stops to offer roadside help, has car stolen


A woman who stopped to offer help to an apparently injured traveler along a central Minnesota road wound up being a crime victim when the man stole her car, authorities say.

WJON reports the woman was driving on Sherburne County Road 2 south of Princeton on Wednesday night when she noticed a man lying on the shoulder of the road with a bicycle on top of him. She told police that when she stopped to check on him the man ran into her car and drove off.

KSTP notes the woman tried to stop the man but was pushed away and sustained minor injuries.

As the St. Cloud Times reports, the sheriff's department is asking for the public's help in finding the man and released descriptions of him and of the stolen car.

The car is a silver two-door Pontiac Grand Am from 2001. Its license plate was XNE531.

The suspect was described as a white man about 5 foot-8 with black hair and weighing 160-180 pounds. The suspect was shirtless and wearing black pants at the time of the incident.

Lying in wait under a bicycle would be a new twist but stealing the cars of people who stop to help is sadly not all that uncommon.

Earlier this spring a man in an Atlanta suburb was charged with stealing the car of someone who came to his aid after he crashed his own vehicle.

A similar theft occurred in Honolulu this past winter. In that case the victim had left a Super Bowl party when she saw an SUV crash into a median. She told the Associated Press she then saw her own car stolen, leaving her standing on the road barefoot in a black cocktail dress with Seattle Seahawks makeup on. "This is like a plot Hawaii Five-0 would reject," she quipped.

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