Woman thought she'd won $200 on scratch-off – but it was actually way more

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Kari Hazard of Janesville was pretty happy when she thought she'd won $200 on a scratch ticket this past weekend.

But pretty happy was upgraded to ecstatic when she was informed she was a little off in her estimations – by $149,800.

According to the Minnesota Lottery, Hazard won the windfall after buying an Extreme Crossword ticket from Casey's General Store, on Highway 60 in Elysian, on Sunday.

She returned to the store to claim what she thought was $200, only to be told: "They scanned it at the store and said it must be claimed at a Lottery office. I double checked and saw that I missed a word. Then I thought I won $1,000," she said.

On Thursday morning, she took the ticket to the Lottery's Owatonna office, and found out she'd actually won $150,000.

"He told me that it was actually worth much more than $1,000."

It's not the only unusual story of recent lottery winners in Minnesota.

The lottery says that last month, Minneapolis resident Nathan Rutherford won $100 on a Super Triple 777 ticket he bought, and bought another as he "had a feeling" he would win again.

His second ticket revealed a number "7" – which meant it was a winner – but decided not to reveal the rest until after he scanned it.

When he was told that it had to be claimed at the Lottery offices, he scratched off the rest and saw what he'd actually won – $177,777.

"I thought I was dreaming for a minute. I even had to take my glasses off to look at the ticket," he said.

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