Woman admits she faked her ex-husband's death to collect $2M

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A Plymouth woman accused of faking her ex-husband's death to collect $2 million in insurance money has pleaded guilty.

Irina Vorotinov, 49, pleaded guilty Monday to charges that she defrauded Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company out of millions of dollars, the U.S. Attorney's Office said in a news release.

"The FBI and Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS determined that Igor Vorotinov’s death was faked," Assistant United States Attorney David J. Maclaughlin said in the release. 

According to the criminal complaint:

Igor Vorotinov purchased a $2 million life insurance policy in 2010, naming his ex-wife and son as beneficiaries.

Then, about 18 months later, police in the eastern European county of Moldova found a body in a small village. Several pieces of identification, including a passport, indicated the man was Igor Vorotinov.

Irina Vorotinov flew to Moldova to identify him, and had the body cremated. And after she returned to the U.S., she filed a death claim with the insurance company.

Mutual of Omaha paid the claim with a check for $2,048,414.09.

Federal investigators were tipped off to the suspected fraud in June of 2013, when an unknown source in Moldova suggested Igor Vorotinov faked his own death.

A few months later, customs agents detained Vorotinov's son's computer and discovered photos of Igor Vorotinov that showed him alive and well. The photos were dated from April and May of 2013, long after his supposed death.

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