Woman who left Little Falls waitress generous tip comes forward

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The woman who made a Little Falls Perkins server's day by leaving a $200 tip last week has come forward, FOX 9 reports.

The random act of kindness happened Friday night, when Tori Dobis, 19, received the generous tip on a $14.46 bill from the customer who ordered French toast and a side of sausage.

“I started crying,” said Dobis, who is putting the money toward her nursing studies. “Really, I want to find this lady and hug her. Thank you.”

The generous tipper – Kelly Blom – identified herself in an email to FOX 9. She says she doesn't know Dobis personally, but is "proud of the young woman she chooses to be."

"If I could have left her a $2,000 tip, I would have," Blom said in the email.

Blom says she found out about the story hitting the news when her friends recognized the signature on the charge slip in the FOX 9 story and called her up so she could tune in. The story, Blom says, moved her to tears, too.

In the email to the station, Blom wrote, "I watched and listened as Tori cleared, cleaned and set up dining tables. She never quit moving. She went from table to table effortlessly, with a kind attitude and an endless smile. I could tell Tori had a really good heart and thought it'd be fun to surprise her with a well deserved tip."

Blom reportedly told the manager she recently got a new higher-paying job and wanted to share with the waitress who made her meal so enjoyable that night. She was questioned by the manager to make sure the amount she was tipping wasn't written down by mistake.

When she drove out of the parking lot, Blom says she could see Tori, the manager and another waitress "huddled around the receipt." Driving up north to a friend's cabin, Blom said she couldn't stop smiling the whole way.

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