Woodbury archery range closes because too many arrows were flying next door

The city says users were intentionally shooting arrows beyond a fence.

An archery range near Woodbury has closed for good to keep its neighbors safe.

According to the city, the range at Carver Lake Park closed Tuesday because some users were intentionally shooting arrows over a fence that was several hundred yards behind the target.

What the archers may or may not have known is that beyond that fence is a plant nursery. And the employees at Bailey's Nurseries probably didn't appreciate the flying arrows.

The city notes that the behavior was "extremely dangerous" and signs were posted to warn users that the range would close if they didn't follow the rules.

“Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to address the issues, we had no choice but to close the archery range permanently,” Mike Adams, assistant parks and recreation director, said in a statement.

Luckily no one was injured, though. Nursery workers just kept finding arrows stuck in the ground. The Star Tribune adds some arrows were also found at a nearby biking trail.

According to the news release, only Woodbury Parks and Recreation youth archery courses will continue at the range as scheduled in 2017 and beyond.

If you're looking for another place to practice archery, the city notes there's a seven-target range is located in Lake Elmo. You can find more information on that here.

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