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Words fail Target: Retailer changes another product name


Kids know that sticks and stones may break bones, but words will never hurt you.

Unless you're a retail sales giant. Then words can get you into a little public-relations trouble on occasion.

MPR reports that Target plans to rename a line of its flat sandals because it used a word to name them that was turning off Spanish speakers. Its "Orina" footwear raised some eyebrows – orina means urine in Spanish. MPR picked up on a story from earlier in the week in the Consumerist.com, which Huffingtonpost and others ran with.

A Target spokeswoman has said the Orina description was based on a Russian name for girls meaning peace or peaceful. But given the Spanish meaning, the name has been pulled from the sandals on Target's website and in-store signs, MPR reports.

The website Latino Rebel noted that there are a number of other brands, including Dillard's and Urban Outfitters, who market "Orina" footwear.

Target suffered a similar minor flap last week when it was prodded to change the "manatee gray" color name of a plus-size dress after some customers objected.

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