World's hottest travel spots: Puerto Rico, Zambia ... Minneapolis?


Travel and Leisure magazine has picked "13 for 2013" – the hottest international travel destinations for the new year. Among them: A pristine bay in Costa Rica, an overlooked coastal village in Italy, adventure-rich Nepal ... and Minneapolis. The Minnesota city was the only U.S. destination that rated a mention in the list.

Editors said they were looking for hot spots that were "coming up on the radar." They explain: "T+L asked safari experts and art dealers, cutting-edge chefs and even branding agencies where they’re seeing a new neighborhood emerge or wineries getting more acclaim. What started with 40-odd places we distilled down to a baker’s dozen: the hottest travel destinations of 2013."

Here's what the magazine had to say about Minneapolis, an "unexpected foodie mecca":

"Chefs in America’s most Scandinavian city have embraced the foraging-and-farming ethos of Copenhagen’s famed Noma. The pioneering Bachelor Farmer has the city’s first-ever rooftop garden. In June, the American Swedish Institute opened Fika, serving smörgås (open-faced sandwiches). The next place to watch: Union, run by Noma alum Jim Christiansen."

(Last month, Lonely Planet said the Twin Cities were a top 10 domestic vacation spot.)

"Minneapolis is having a moment. You heard it here first," Travel and Leisure features editor Nilou Motamed tells two Today Show interviewers:

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