'World's tallest' dog contender dies

The North Dakota owner of 6-year-old Boomer is mourning the loss of her 180-pound, 7-foot long pet. The dog received international attention after making a bid for world's tallest, generating interest in part because it was a Landseer Newfoundland and not a Great Dane. Boomer was put to sleep after a diagnosis of bone cancer.
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The aptly named Boomer, the 180-pound, 7-foot-long North Dakota dog that received international attention amid a bid by his owner to have it recognized as the world's tallest dog, has died. The 6-year-old animal had bone cancer, Forum Communications reports.

The fact that Boomer wasn’t a Great Dane like the previous record holder, but a “black-and-white fluff ball” Landseer Newfoundland, made the bid more interesting, owner Caryn Weber said, and she got calls about him from all over the globe, the newspaper reported.

Just this week, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized a Michigan Great Dane named Zeus as the tallest pooch on the planet.

Here's a glimpse back at Boomer:

Here's Zeus:

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