WSJ: Minneapolis woman 'face of welfare spat'

The Wall Street Journal profiles Latisha Cunningham, an unemployed 30-year-old from Minneapolis, as part of an analysis over the broader long-simmering debate on the role of states and the federal government in managing welfare. The issue has been the topic of testy exchanges between the Obama and Romney campaigns.
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The Wall Street Journal in a new story profiles Latisha Cunningham, an unemployed 30-year-old from Minneapolis and a welfare recipient who takes meticulous notes on her search for a job – a welfare requirement.

The Journal profiles Cunningham as part of an analysis on the broader, long-simmering debate over the role of states and the federal government in managing welfare. The topic has been featured in the Obama and Romney campaigns as they tussle over how much leeway Washington should give states to run the program.

The spat boiled over in August when Romney accused Obama of trying to weaken the work requirement for welfare, which Obama disputed and fact checkers agreed was a misleading claim.

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